Important Notice For Fraternities Worldwide

Note: ProFraternity Org is rolling out recommendations for brainwave entrainment technologies to be adapted during meetings and brainstorming sessions during fraternity meetups. This blog post outlines the advantages of brainwave synchronization in our everyday lives.

Written by Adrian K. Lester, ProFraternity Organization Chair for Continuous Education

Do you want to learn how to improve your life and how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment? Is this even possible? Of course it is! Believe it or not, brainwave entrainment actually has the power to relax you, inspire you, release your creative juices and open you up to brand new ideas – and who wouldn’t want to enjoy these particular benefits?

Although brainwave entrainment cannot help you break your bad habits, become easy going, get what you want or lose weight, it does play a vital part in personal growth, in general. See, by learning how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment, you can actually create the right mindset to make meaningful changes within your life.

Think about it. If you sit around all day and think that you should make some changes in your life, nothing will happen to you. You need to go past your consciousness, get into your subconscious and actually touch on your beliefs.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get into your unconscious if you are conscious and alert. This is because the human mind isn’t very receptive to new ideas and information when it is awake since its old conditioning sometimes rejects new ideas and information altogether. Click here for a pdf containing the scientific proof that brainwave entrainment works!

As such, any new information or ideas that may be conflicting with your old programming or conditioning might get rejected right away. For instance, if you have financial trouble because of some deeply-buried money programming, telling yourself that you will be able to make millions will turn into a rejected thought. A huge warning sign will go off and the thought will be forgotten. This is most common whenever a person feels scared, doubtful or resistant about new ideas.

Get in touch with your inner hacker!

You are the hacker and ‘meditation’ is your ultimate password. If you want to learn how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment, then you will have to look into meditation, as well. See, before you can get into your subconscious, you will have to get into a different state of consciousness first in order to come up with the right mindset to change your old programming. This is important, so that your mind can start accepting new ideas more readily.

By learning how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment, you can actually get into your own mind, overcome your old programming altogether and successfully install brand new programming.

Group meditation during ProFraternity Global Meeting in 2015

If meditation doesn’t seem to work for you, then you can turn to other things to change your overall state of consciousness instead, like rhythmic music, meditation music, repetitive drumming or brainwave entrainment. Although traditional meditation and music are both great for changing your overall state of consciousness, you might have trouble remaining in that state, though. If this is the case, then you should really learn how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment instead.

During brainwave entrainment, your brain will basically synchronize with the given sounds and send you in a deep meditative state in just a few minutes. To do this, brainwave entrainment uses special embedded musical frequencies to send your brain into the state that it wants to be in and make it stay there until you tell it to get out.

Here are the different states of consciousness that you should know about along with their special traits:

  • Alpha: Right-brain thinking, creativity, light meditation, creative problem-solving, relaxation, creative visualization, openness to personal programming and intuition
  • Beta: Concentration/focus, alertness, attention, and logical/analytical thinking
  • Delta: healing, deep and dreamless sleep
  • Gamma: Euphoria, oneness and ecstasy
  • Theta: Super learning, dreaming sleep and deep meditation

The brain generally moves in and out of these states quite quickly during the day. This explains why some people tend to have flashes of inspiration – because their brains dip into the alpha state of consciousness for a couple of microseconds!

If you want personal growth to work, then the alpha state of consciousness would definitely be the ideal one for you. Through it, you will be able to change your bad habits, eliminate your fears and imprint brand new thoughts and ideas into your head with ease.

Regardless of which brainwave state you want to reach, though, you will have to learn how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment first, the benefits of which include clarity of thinking, deep relaxation, advanced learning, stress relief, intuition development, better creativity, better spiritual development, and peak performance. You may also want to learn how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment in order to change your beliefs and cure your addictions.

Getting Inside the Mind

Are you ready to get into your own mind? Once you get into the relaxed alpha state of consciousness, you can begin using verbal commands, creative visualization and your strongest positive emotions right away to install brand new programming into your head. That is how easy it is!

Now, just because it sounds easy doesn’t mean that you can just learn how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment half-heartedly, though. It will take a lot of practice and persistence and could last a couple of months, too. This might sound like a ton of work at the moment, but spending 15 minutes every day learning how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment really isn’t a big time investment if you think about it. In fact, once the two months are over, you will have only spent 15 hours of your life on personal reprogramming – a far cry from the 4 hours that people spend on average watching TV everyday. This link below describes this phenomena in detail -

How can you use entrainment? Well, most daily practices work like this: you will go into a meditative state and concentrate on what you want out of life for as long as possible. Then, with the help of positive emotions, positive self-talk and creative visualization, you can start building brand new pathways in your brain. In about two months, that new idea should already feel normal to you.

The most important thing to keep in mind while learning how to increase your brain power using brainwave entrainment (and improving your dating life in general) is not to get frustrated. Remember: installing your program took years, so it will take time to install new programming into your brain as well. If you’re already well-versed in the art of relationship management and seduction (see then you should already be familiar with this idea. The good news is that your new beliefs will stay there long after they have been established and won’t go anywhere until new programming comes in to take their place – believe it.

Finally, if you want to adapt the use of brainwave synchronization technologies in your fraternity, then email me at or call me directly at 212-710-0472 (this is the general PFOrg line, so ask for me). I can send you the starter pack as well as some sample meditation music mp3s for you to get started.

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Dating Life

Hello all,

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health…blah blah blah. We all know this. As ProFraternity Organization Chair for Continuous Education with a Harvard MBA, I know this. We all know this and yet it has not stopped most of us from still doing this really dangerous deed. So, in honor of my grandmother who died from overexposure to secondhand smoke, here is my take on how to help convince you gentlemen to stop smoking. Don’t forget we’re here as ProFraternity to help you out; join as a member of the ProFraternity Organization – go here.

Also read this interesting article, some Tips on how to get an ex girlfriend back according to Sonic Seduction.

No, I won’t tell you how it makes you look uncool, or how it ruins your lungs. Apparently, those gigantic TV ads that show what happens to your lungs whenever you light one stick after another never worked. So maybe a little scare tactic on your beloved love life will do the trick.

How it will affect your dating life?

Gentlemen, here is how smoking can ruin your dating life (PS, this goes out to girls too). To begin with it makes you smell bad. Girls love nice-smelling men. Unfortunately, chain smokers don’t smell anything like nice. No perfume or toothpaste or mint could ever fully mask the sticky tarry smell of nicotine in the body. Your sweat does not smell like sweat, it smells like burnt sweat. Your breath smells like you’ve chewed a thousand burned leaves and don’t even get me started on your hair. Guys, remember that women have 30 times more sensitive noses than you have; ours sense of smell are so powerful it can stimulate feelings. When a woman can smell nothing else on you but cigarettes, you might be stimulating some bad gag-inducing feelings. Worse still is that smoking makes kissing a bad experience. Cigarette smoking leaves a kind of bitter, burnt taste in the mouth that makes the mouth smell bad and taste bad. And yes, that makes making out a very unpleasant experience.

Let’s face it you’ll never attract the health conscious of the lot, which by the way, are growing in numbers. More and more women these days are becoming health junkies. After all, this is the day and age where people’s concern on health and wellness is competing on the need to earn money. That means such an unhealthy vice would turn her off IN AN INSTANT, avoid it now. For one, a chain smoker would not seem like a happily ever after for her – you smoke too much, you’re going to get sick, you’re going to die young; that, or you smoke too much you’re going to make her sick from secondhand smoke. Either way, you won’t make a good prospect for Ms Health Buff. And last but not least, your manhood may become weaker sooner than when you’re not smoking. Well, this is perhaps the only part in this whole entry where I’m going to talk about the actual physical health effects of smoking. Smoking can cause a deterioration of the blood vessels, thereby causing irregularities in blood circulation even in the most *delicate* of areas. And yes, you guessed it right: impotence.

So if you don’t want to lose the power of your manhood too early, and you don’t want to lose your sex life too soon, you may want to cut on the tobacco consumption. For more tips on how NOT to turn her off, read here.

Quit smoking now!

Your GF and Your Mates? BFFs? Or Not So Much?

Hey everyone!

One of the most ideal relationship setups is when your girlfriend is friends with your best buddies. I have this ideal set up with my current girlfriend. She doesn’t object to boys’ night outs and they don’t mind having her around on those nights either. And it’s be beneficial for the women, too; in the words of a good friend of mine, “when you’re friends with his friends, they won’t tolerate anything that will lead to cheating because they care about you as a friend as much as they do about him”. For more great advice join as a member of the ProFraternity Organization – go here :

Please also do visit my last blog post :)

Unfortunately for many men out there, buddies and girlfriends don’t always mix. Girlfriends find buddies as distractions, one to compete their boyfriends’ time with; meanwhile, guy buddies (especially the single ones) find her exactly the same. They feel like their buddy, you, has been taken away from them by the evil little witch called the girlfriend.
In the name of civility and decency, these two don’t really show each other their mutual hatred. While the girlfriend may smirk at the idea of you spending the night with your buddies, or try to convince you to ditch them for her, buddies do not have that same honesty privilege as the girlfriend. They may even deny it the first time you ask.

Know the Signs!

So before you lose a brain and a half trying to guess whether or not they dislike her since you’re a buddy that is inlove to her, here are some really effective questions to ask yourself. Do your friend/s ask if she’s coming to hang out with them or not. If she’s truly a welcome presence, they don’t need to ask. They wouldn’t mind having her around and in fact, they would expect her to be present because they see her as part of the gang. And if they ask, that can only mean that they want to know if the hangout is going to be at all fun or not and that depends on her presence or absence.

Are they not very enthusiastic about her presence? One good sign that says your friends don’t like her is when they act a little different around her. Some change in behavior could be expected during the first few meetings but if they are not quite at ease about having her around and they act differently even after several meetings

Do they try to lure you into going out with them secretly. They don’t like her, and they see her as competition. They therefore would lure you into going out with them, without her and maybe behind her back! And that is their way of spending some QT with you without having to share you with her unwelcome presence.

If things go wrong between you and your girlfriend, are they likely to tell you to break up with her instead of telling you to patch things up? They actually think she’s not good for you and they believe you’d be better off without her. (And yes, they’d get their friends back).

Finally, do they constantly ask whether you’re happy with her or not? They want to know whether or not you are actually happy – one because they are concerned that you don’t see the evil they see in her, and two, they just want it to come from you.

After reading this article, buy her an inexpensive gift to buy her to make her feel better. So, how are your buddies with your lady love? Do you see these signs in them?

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How to NOT Turn Her Off

Hi guys!

In my previous blog post, I’ve discussed why men love to date an older woman. Well, today we’re going to discuss how to not turn her off. It doens’t matter what you achieve in life; Harvard MBA, great job (ProFraternity Organization Chair for Continuous Education) even I’ve managed to fall victim to a couple of these once or twice.

It is easier to turn women off than to turn them off. I am sorry gentlemen, but that’s hardcore gospel truth. Women get turned off by every single thing. They get turned off from things that you do, and the things that you don’t do. Nothing works. When it comes to women, there is hardly a one-size-fits-all kind of turn on device/technique. And trust that there will always, always be something about you that will turn them off. ProFraternity brother’s know this; to join as a member of the ProFraternity Organization – go here:

You thought the date went well – so why isn’t she calling you back? Read more here.

But there’s a silver lining.  There are ways how to not turn her off.

If you can’t turn her on, you may have a better chance if you aim at not turning her off. These techniques can be used anywhere and in any situation involving you and a woman. You could use this in a bar when flirting, on a date with any woman, in a party when you’re trying to socialize – practically anything.

Ways to avoid turning her OFF!

After the guide on getting a girl’s number, here’s your practical list of how not to turn women off.

Always be hygienic. This is the single most effective thing that may not exactly turn women on, but will definitely keep you from turning her off. Smell good, smell clean, look clean, be clean. Have an overall hygienic attitude. Know the basics – use deodorant, shower every day, brush your teeth regularly, take breath mints with you – you know the drill. And best of all, be hygienic in everything – don’t spit in public, eat with your mouth closed, don’t bite on your fingernails, etc. A single thing that tells her you’re unhygienic will spot on turn her off.

And stop trying too hard. This is something that’s a little hard to do when you’re having a case of the nerves or when you’re taken over by your insecurity. But trying too hard makes you look unnatural. You know how dogs actually become aggressive at you when you’re nervous around them? That’s the same way with women. Your unnatural and nervous vibe will send her negative signals that translate to her getting turned off at you. So be yourself and let her find the great thing about it!

Oh, don’t smother her either. Women love attention, but smothering is a wholly other thing. Don’t be the puppy that waits on her and is always at her beck and call. Be the gentleman with dignity – the type who gives her attention without kissing her rear end or go lapping at her tiny toes. Listen to her but command enough of her attention by being dignified. And PS: don’t be sorry for being yourself.

And don’t be too eager. Women love the chase. As much as you do, men (admit it). Go tell her that you like her, show it to her, but don’t show her that you’re about to become her slave just so you can get her to like you. There are only two places for the overeager guy: friendzone and the 100-meter restraining order.

Remember, you may not get to turn her on but at least don’t go about losing your chance by turning her off! Good luck!

FSBO (A ProFraternity Guide)

Hello, Vishen here, writing from Tajikistan!

One of the biggest challenges of selling a house without a real estate agent is knowing when and how to turn down an offer. The former, of course, is like going shopping for shoes and finding a pair that seems suitable but you still end up reluctant about buying it because you’re thinking you might find something better in the next boutique. The latter, is of course, knowing that you should move on to the next boutique because there is definitely something else better in there.

So without the professional chops for it, and as you’ve read here at ProFraternity from guest bloggers, plus a lot of the agents’ experience at doing it, how do you know which offers are actually worth your time and how do you turn down those that prove to be otherwise?

Here are some great tips:

A bad offer is always something that goes way too low than your acceptable range.

This is a no brainer, but somehow, many of the homeowners trying to sell their homes seem to forget about this one basic and important detail.  That is why it is very important to have a price range rather than a fixed price. When it comes to selling a house, you can hardly sell a house at the exact amount you’re selling it. Agents will bargain. Buyers will bargain. So set a bargaining range and never accept anything that would go lower than your minimum.

When turning down an offer, always be honest about your reason.

Don’t make up stuff, especially if you’re not a good liar. If you think that the unit you see is below par, then be honest about it. Behave like a professional and your prospective buyers will respect you for it. If their offer is too low, say so. Be honest – albeit tactfully – about it.

Sometimes, it’s not the offer but the buyer that’s worth turning down.

A prospective buyer who tries to bargain low and says a lot of bad things about your house to the point of making the house look like it’s not worth anything at all is a bad one and deserves to be turned down. Go for an offer that comes from someone who displays real interest and respect for your home and not just someone who would not stop at anything just to get a huge slash off the price tag.

It is only challenging, never impossible. Learn how to say when and how to say no in order to make up enough space for better offers, and relatively better buyers.

Article contributed by Vishen “Lucky” Mani, real estate agent, and ex-president of ProFraternity Global. Plays the “Om Harmonica” expertly.

Gifts Your Girlfriend will Love That Won’t Break the Bank

Hey guys,

Broke? In between jobs? Just short on cash and your anniversary or her birthday is coming up? Chill man! There are gifts that can make your girlfriend happy that would not cost you an arm and a leg! Even as a Harvard student with an MBA there have been times I haven’t had the money I’d like to spend on my girlfriend, so here are a few tips to help you guys in situations like that.

Just a heads up: these things may come cheap in price but will be costly in effort. See, girls love effort. Girls love effort more than price tags – save for the gold diggers of our kind. And when your girlfriend sees the effort that you put into making her happy – no matter how cheap your gift is – she’ll love you more for it than ever.

If you remember, we asked Matt Ganz on how to find a girl friend and here’s his answer. Now that you’ve your own, here are some tips on what to get her as gifts.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

First off try to cook a stack of Pancakes. What’s so expensive about pancakes? And what’s not to love if you put a whole stack of it with a birthday candle and an ‘I love you’ message on chocolate syrup? That’s seriously a sweet way to get up on your birthday morning. Things to buy: a candle and a pancake mix (that could already be in your or your mom’s pantry).

Secondly, go for something unusual like a knitted beanie or purse or anything that you knitted yourself. This is something that will test your dexterity and your hand-eye coordination. Oh, and your patience too. What could better display ‘effort’ and labor of love than a fully knitted anything? Sure it sounds so grandma-ish but she’ll remember you for it every time she uses your knitted whatchamacallit. And the better news is, if she comes to the point of wanting to break up with you, she would only need to look at your knitted gift and she’ll remember all the effort you put into making her happy on your special day. Things to buy: some yarn and knitting needles (both of which you can borrow from grandma); some knitting patterns (which you can hoard online for FREE!).

Or try treating her to a home spa day. Who would not love a boyfriend who could understand the processes and rituals that turn us girls into women? So on her special day, give her home spa coupons! Trust me, this will make you look more attractive to your girlfriend. Arm yourself with body scrub salts, massage oils, and nail colors. You don’t have to do it perfectly – you just have to do it for the love of her. And it’s not like she would expect you to deliver a perfect job. This is a perfect opportunity for an intimate moment together. Things to buy: scrub salts, massage oils and nail color (they don’t cost a fortune and you can ask for them from your sister).

Or lastly, create a personal movie. No, I’m not talking about a Ray Jay-Kim K type of ‘personal movie’. It’s a tribute movie that could contain anything – photos of you together, videos of you together, video clips of her friends’ birthday well wishes to her, or maybe of you singing her a song. It could be anything sentimental and funny and sweet. Things to buy: nothing. You could use your phone for it and edit with any of the many different video editing apps online.

See, you don’t need to spend an entire month’s paycheck to make your girlfriend happy!

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Fashion Tips for Guys

Hullo there!

So as ProFraternity Organization Chair for Continuous Education I know a think or two about dressing well. Being a man is never an excuse for you to dress sloppily. That’s according to (a ProFraternity partner) guide to dating. Dearest, sure you do not need to look like a Hollywood celebrity, but if you want to impress the ladies, dressing well and properly is a must. Oh, and don’t go on lecturing me about beauty being skin deep. Girls can really not tell how great your brain is the first time they see you. For more great advice and to join as a member of the ProFraternity Organization – go here:

Here are some of the most basic, most useful fashion tips for men on clothing (PS: this one’s for everyone and you don’t exactly have to be a fashionista to appreciate these tips. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this. You’re welcome):

With clothes, you should always wear your size and make sure you’re comfortable in them.

To start with always dress your size. I am 101% sure that oversized clothing is the most comfortable thing to wear next to thy birthday suit but please, don’t go out in something that would have been Yao Ming’s! Don’t go undersized either! I remember rather vividly the 90s was the age of the body hugging, belly baring shirts and the early 2000s were the age of the capri pants and in both eras, they were for women. You’re not a woman, you’re not in the 90s or in the 2000s, so I don’t see a reason why you should wear a shirt that once belonged to you in Kindergarten, and pants that are too long to be your shorts but are too short to be your trousers. So dress your size.

Next to remember; always go for comfort. Just because Kanye West wears leather jackets 99.9% of the time means you have to do the same! Not in a 40-degrees Celsius kind of summer day silly! Go for comfort first, style second. So find something that’s fashionable but you’re comfortable wearing. You can never look good in something that makes you uneasy.

Don’t forget to experiment every once in a while. Keep a versatile wardrobe for different kinds of days. You can’t possibly take your coats and tuxedoes on a baseball game date, unless you’re from ESPN and you’re a commentator. Neither can you wear your football jersey replica to a 5-course dinner meal with a fancy date. And you can’t wear your jeans to the beach. So keep a little of everything.

Be sure to learn to mix and match. Last year’s summer shirt may not be ‘in’ the trend of this year’s autumn, but maybe you can mix and match it with some coat for a laid-back but still formal-esque look? Or maybe you can tone down your formal office coat to go with your acid-wash jeans and some leather shoes? Just remember that when mixing and matching, there should always be one article on your outfit ensemble that serves as the focal point. It should get all the attention and the rest should be the entourage, complementing and highlighting it.

And finally remember, being fashionable does not make you any less manly. Fashion is a mindset and attractiveness is an attitude which women love in men. Bear this in mind, pair it with some great outfits, and you’re ready to rock the dating world and be one hot single! Good luck!

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Male Qualities that Women Find Attractive. Do You Have Them?

Hi there,

A reader emailed me recently following my article on dinner tips (where and where NOT to take her). He wanted advice following the date on how to keep her interest. So here’s my personal advice. Some male qualities are more impressive than others; but there are certain qualities that women just find absolutely outstanding. If you haven’t heard the news yet, having these certain qualities will make you stand out from the other males of the land and make you even more attractive to them ladies (yay).

So here are the qualities that you should sow in your personality (or at least develop further if, you think, you already have it). Here are also tips on how to make the girl see that you actually possess these qualities (because saying you’re so much into cleanliness is not as convincing as putting away some stray piece of trash to the trash bin). Honesty is the top quality. Nobody likes conning, deceiving, opportunist men who would lie right into our faces. Trust is one of the most important, most essential parts of any relationship – romantic, platonic, and familiar – and honesty is one of the foundations of it. Without it, a lady would gladly forget about taking you seriously and not believe practically anything you say. Honesty, however, is different from being blunt and tactless. Honestly comes with carefully telling the truth and avoiding offense while at it. If the food is bad, if her dress color does not flatter her, say so – but always say so in a nice way. Trust me, girls will appreciate it more than not. Find out here why telling the truth is sexy.

After honesty comes chivalry. Whoever said chivalry is dead is either a very crass and careless man, or some woman who has never seen one. But to many women, the ability to show how to care for a woman without offending her feminist ideals. It’s about showing a woman how she deserves to be treated without making her feel like she’s inferior. Start with offering an arm when walking or a hand when at the stairs, and opening and closing the car door for her. Who says you can’t flirt while being gentleman? I came across this article on flirting and it’s surprising how it related flirting with chivalry. If she takes it lightly and appreciatively, well and good; if not, you take it lightly and carry on as if nothing happened.

Thirdly is thoughtfulness. Don’t we all love thoughtfulness from our partners? That’s one reason why some men prefer dating older women! A bouquet of roses for a first date is imperative and expected. But a random package of flowers, a small note of ‘Hello’, or a nothing-I-just-want-to-say-hi kind of phone call out of nowhere is something that will not be forgotten by ladies. It’s the little things, the small efforts, of men reminding us that we are special and that they are thinking about us that really make our hearts skip a beat.

And the last top quality is respectfulness. They say a good measure of a man’s character is how he treats those who can’t do anything for him. Girls are very observant and they will notice how you treated that waitress, how you looked at the old woman at the line at the bank, and how you remarked at the stray dog outside your car. These say a lot about the kind of person you are and especially they give women a glimpse at what kind of boyfriend you will be if you guys go all the way.

If you already have them, congratulations keep it up. If not, you might want to start sowing the seeds as early as – yes – NOW or you might turn her off.

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Dinner Dating; Where to Go!

Hullo and welcome,

Okay, so a few dating experts will suggest that a dinner date for a first or second date is not a great idea. It’s expensive, it’s ineffective, and at some point or another, it gets nerve wracking. But you don’t have a choice or you’re feeling rebellious (and quite frankly, maybe a little uncreative) and you’ve decided to go against the odds and meet her for a dinner date.

Personally, in my time as a dating writer I think these so called experts are wrong. And I have a Harvard education to back me up. What’s the worst that could happen anyway? You choke on your food? She’s allergic to seafood? They serve bad meals? You run out of cash to pay for your caviar?

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One of the secrets to a successful dinner date is to know where to take her and where not to take her. So here’s some heads up for men out there who are less than skilled when it comes to finding the right places for some suave dinner dates:

Where to Take Her

It’s important to a place that’s within your budget. There is practically nothing more embarrassing than running low on cash or your card getting rejected because of your dinner bill. Perhaps the only thing worse than that is to have to borrow money from your date to pay for the bill. So choose a place that’s decent enough but is within your financial capacities. Here’s a list of cheap places to go on a date.

But make sure it’s a place that you will both enjoy. It does not need to be the most expensive food joint around. Go somewhere you will both enjoy – the place, the food (more importantly), and trust me, you’ll enjoy each other’s company better. SO what if your first dinner date was at the neighborhood burger joint? If it reminds you both of your fun childhood, or you just plainly love their heavenly burgers, then go ahead and take her to a burger date!

It might be a good idea to go to a place where you’d likely not meet common friends. Meeting friends while on a date can be very awkward. Just when you’re trying to be comfortable with each other, you meet someone who reminds her of why she hates men and then the whole night is ruined. Flop. So find a place where you’d least likely meet people you know – mutual or not – so you could focus on each other.

Where NOT to take her

Don’t go in for anywhere with messy food place i.e. crabs, lobsters, fish and chips, barbecue etc. You both dressed up for the occasion. You’re both very tensed and pressured to make an impression. A messy meal that makes you look like savage carnivores or a family member of the Croods after dinner is definitely not a good idea. Leave that for when you guys are comfortable with each other. Secondly, avoid comedy bars/restaurants. The purpose of a dinner date is to get a chance to sit down in a quiet place, talk and enjoy some good food, and have some cutler to fidget with your hands to hide your shakes. A comedy bar, with all the boisterous laughing and the comedian taking up everyone’s attention will not give you a chance to know each other better – save for knowing so well how she snorts when she laughs.

And whatever you do don’t take her for a family dinner. Really? Take your date to dinner with your family? What is she, your best friend? If you are seriously thinking of bringing her to a family dinner, you seriously need  to see the SIBG guide to flirting with girls. That would be the most horrible dinner date idea on the face of the planet!

Dating a Tomboy

Hi guys, sorry for not posting sooner! Been busy with lotsa stuff as ProFraternity Organization Chair for Continuous Education and just couldn’t get my hands on the blog. To join in as a member of the ProFraternity Organization – go here: You won’t regret it!

Forgive me? To make it up to you, I am writing something out of the ordinary. Have fun!

Did you know that dating a tomboy can be so much easier, more fun and more exciting than dating a girly girl? If there are different kids of men. There are those who prefer dating older women, some prefer dating independent ones, and other prefer dating tomboys. Yes. There’s a certain kind of attractiveness to a tomboy.

For one, she won’t mind you sitting all day on the couch all day watching UFC? She may even be more excited than you on the day of the Superbowl! And boy, won’t you just like a girl that you can take to boys’ night out with you to play pool and not go home grumpy or crying in the middle of the date because she feels out of place?

In so many ways, tomboys will make for low maintenance girlfriends who will understand and actually enjoy your guy stuff with you.

But that’s not the point of this article. The point here is whether or not you can actually score a date with a tomboyish girl. Seriously, can you handle her, erm, masculinity? Can you take the competition or will your ego take you over?

Here are some tips on everything that involves dating a tomboy – from scoring a date to actually taking her out. These are just some of good stuff. If you want to see all the meat, read the dating guide from Sonic Seduction.

The foremost thing to understand when dating tomboys is to always remember that she is still a girl foremost of all. She will gush with sweet gestures done at the right time and the right way, and she will still appreciate a guy who will attempt at chivalry. Forget about all your preconceived notions of how tomboys are and enjoy the wonders of discovering how great they are. Never aim at making her a girly girl. Embrace her type of girliness. That’s what makes her interesting and lovely.

Don’t feel threatened by her. So she does better hoops than you. She can take down a man better than you could ever. Or she knows her football better than you. So what? That’s what she likes, what do you care? Instead, indulge her in a little competition every now and then – beer drinking contest, sharp shooting, karting – go on a showdown with her on her favorite hobbies instead of the usual dates and she’ll likely to enjoy your company more. And learn to compliment her the right way. These are not the girls that will like being called ‘pretty’ and ‘cute’. They’ll think you’re just the same as every other guy who’s only after their looks.

Compliment her on her hobbies and passions. Show her how impressed you are. Don’t bluff. Tomboys are just as sensitive as their more feminine relatives so be careful when trying to sweet talk her IT WON’T WORK.

Lastly, just respect her, still, just like a lady. SO she can take a hard pat in the back – that does not mean you should do it. She is just like any other girl and therefore treat her like one. Be proper, watch your manners still, and make her feel like a respectable lady and not some buddy who can tolerate you blowing your nose in front of her.
They’re definitely not your average girl to date. They are so interesting you would like to know more about them. Read this for personal accounts of being a tomboy. So step up on your manliness to impress these very tough ladies. Good luck and for some great advice on where to take your tomboy for dinner read here!